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     Did you know that there are several theories about how the Resurrection never happened?  First, skeptics will tell you that Jesus was a mythological figure.  The problem with that is it takes 20 years or more for a myth to form.  Some of Paul’s letters, which are the oldest documents of the New Testament, are less than 10 years old, which would not be enough time for a myth to develop.  There are also over 100 historical sources that mention Jesus of Nazareth, so he most definitely was not a myth. 
              Secondly, skeptics will tell you that Jesus did not really die.  This is called the “swoon theory” and it states that Jesus was given some kind of sedative with the wine he received on the sponge while he was on the cross.  There are several problems with this.  If Jesus did not die, that meant that the soldiers would have failed in their duties and they would have been killed for this mistake, according to Roman law.  So, it was in their best interest to be sure that their prisoners were dead.  Plus, Jesus would have had to survive massive blood loss, almost all of his blood.  He had been tortured, and a spear stabbed into his side.  Witnesses said they saw both blood and water pour out of the wound, which would have indicated Jesus’ death.  Third, skeptics will say that the disciples stole Jesus’ body.  The obvious question here is: Then show me His body.  The stone that sealed the tomb would have weighed 2,000 pounds that fit into groove that would have made it impossible for one man to move.  Also, the soldiers couldn’t have been asleep in order to allow the disciples to retrieve the body, for fear of their own death.  And unfortunately, the apostles were cowards at the time of Jesus’ death. 
              They abandoned him, would they then risk being arrested by the Roman soldiers?   Another point to consider here is that no one knowingly dies for a lie.  The Apostles and first followers of Jesus died horrific deaths.  Peter was crucified upside down; James was dragged to his death.  When someone is lying, they will admit their lie sooner in order to end their torture.  Not only that, but everyone at the time knew where Jesus was buried, and all they had to do was produce the body, yet no one ever has! 
              Last, skeptics will say the witnesses to the resurrection (women) were unreliable.  The problem with this argument is that if early believers wanted to fabricate the resurrection, they would have had witnesses of political and religious influence in their community rather than women whose word meant nothing in Jesus’ time.  And one final comment:  If the disciples DID steal Jesus’ body, why did they take the time to strip off the linen he was laid in?  It would have been stuck to Jesus like a second skin because of all the blood and fluids, and the fact that Judea is a hot climate!  The answer:  They wouldn’t have. 
              Jesus’ resurrection is the keystone to our faith, and no one will ever be able to convince me that Jesus is not God.  Ever.
              Have a very Blessed Easter and I will see you soon! 
  • Notes from your Pastor

    Dear Parishioners,
    I wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Easter!
              I pray that all of us may experience the New Life that comes from the Cross and Resurrection of Our Blessed Lord.  Christ is Risen from the Dead!  Alleluia!  Alleluia!
              As we celebrate throughout the fifty days of the Easter Season, may we grow in our understanding and relationship with our Risen Lord and may we live our parish mission statement, “To proclaim Jesus Christ in Word, Sacrament, Community, Witness & Service.”
              May Christ be raised again in your hearts and in your everyday situations.
    Gratefully in Christ,
    Father Jasany
  • Sick & Hospitalized

    For those who are sick and
    those who care for them, may they receive comfort and strength through our prayers, remembering especially
    Agnes Bartoszek,
    Mary Ann Betliskey, Joanne Burke, Noella Burrows,
    Corrine Dawe, Larry Dooley,
    Jose Dybzinski, Debbie Haltuch,
    Rose Hensley, Kristin Hill,
    Frances Holecek, Dolores Jastrzebski, Joseph Kocab,  Madeline Koston,
    Milton Kostyack, Cindi Magyar,
    Harold Nisker, Terry Poltorek,
    Linda Rivera, Virginia Turowski,
    Wendy Wexler and Dolores Witovicz.
    For the safety of the Men and Women serving in the military, especially those from our parish and their families.

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