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  • Sick & Hospitalized

     For those who are sick and those who care for them, may they receive comfort and strength through our prayers, remembering especially Agnes Bartoszek,John Balciar, Gwen Beres,
    Mary Ann Betliskey, Bill Bican, Bill Connors, Corrine Dawe, Dolores Dobransky,                     Jose Dybzinski, Kristin Hill, Lucy Konkoly,
    Raymond Kraushaar, Judy Lasecki,
    Cindi Magyar, Gavin Minc,
    Marilyn O’Meara, Nancy Recko,
    Brianna Rhine, Elaine Stack,
    Virginia Turowski, Seymour Ullman and Rob Zanath.

         May our Loved Ones who have died, rest in eternal happiness in heaven remember especially Eleanor Eppele whose funeral was last week.

         For the Men and Women serving in the military, especially those from our parish and their families.

  • Stewardship of Treasure

    Thank you for your continued generosity and financial support.
    Sunday, May 17th
    Ascension 319.00
    Improvement Fund 65.00
    Newman Campus 32.00
  • Notes from your Pastor

    The Gospel speaks to us of love.  We give thanks for the many ways our mothers have expressed love for us.  The greatest expression of sacrificial love is the act of Jesus giving up His life on the cross for us.  We come into contact with this event through the sacrificial love of our mothers.
    There’s an amusing story of a young man who was determined to win the affection of a young woman.  Up to this point, the young women refused to talk to him or for that matter even look at him or notice him at all.  So the young man decided to write her a love letter every day.  When she did not respond the young man upped the ante and wrote two or three letters each and every day.  All told, he wrote seven hundred letters to this young woman.  Finally, the young woman responded.  She accepted his proposal of marriage.  By the way, the young woman asked, “What do you do for a living?”  The young man replied “I’m a mailman!”
    We could interpret the words of Scripture as Love Letters.  “As the Father has loved me, so I have loved you.  Remain in my Love”
    We thank our mothers for helping us remain in that love.  I would like to share with you the Eight Beatitudes for Mothers
    • Blessed are mothers…who did without for us, they will be rewarded.
    • Blessed are mothers…who lost sleep when we were sick, they will find rest.
    • Blessed are mothers…who taught us how to pray, they will share God’s kingdom.
    • Blessed are mothers…who comforted us, They shall be comforted.
    • Blessed are mothers…who taught us right from wrong, they will know justice.
    • Blessed are mothers…who showed us the Christian life by example.
    • Blessed are mothers…who shared with us the meaning of peace, they shall know peace.
    • Blessed are mothers…who taught us the importance of loving God and each other, they shall see God.
  • Karen's Korner

    Did you know that a personal relationship with the Lord is the most fulfilling thing you can have in your life?  Did you know it is also one of the hardest things to attain?  The reason is that it takes a very firm commitment of time to achieve it.
         I spend a good 30 minutes two times a day in prayer with Scripture, Ignatius’ spiritual exercises, spiritual reading and journaling.  I sew, I scrapbook, I love a good mystery novel, I love to hike and bird watch, but my prayer life is very, very important to me.  If I didn’t do these things, nothing would mean anything!  Liturgy would become empty prayer!  The rosary would become rote and empty!  But because of this relationship that I have, everything is new and exciting.  There is always a word or phrase at Mass that gives me something to chew on for the week.  Scripture keeps me close to the Lord because his words illuminate so much!  Spiritual reading helps to deepen that relationship by giving me more to meditate on.  Meditation and contemplation are so important in seeking and keeping a close personal relationship with God.  You have to be willing to listen to how God is speaking to you.  I explained about discerning if it is God in last week’s column, but God uses the ordinary all around us!  If a verse of a song, or a scene from a movie or a sentence in a novel strikes a deep chord within you, why isn’t that God?  Jesus used the ordinary to explain things to people during his lifetime; water, wine, mud, vines, sheep, yeast, and bread, for example.  If movies, TV, books, and music are a large part of today’s culture, why wouldn’t the Lord use those things?
         Let me give you an example:  In the movie “Angels and Demons”, there is a scene at the end of the movie where Tom Hanks’ character is approached by a bishop who says to Hanks, “I am so glad God sent someone like you to save the Church.”
         Hanks replies, “I don’t believe He sent me.”  And the bishop says, “Oh my son, of course He did.”  What a great statement of faith!  I was so touched by this, that I wrote insights in my journal about it for a week!  In the novel by Danielle Steel called “The Long Road Home”, I was touched by the journey of healing that the main character was making because I know what that is like!   God uses the ordinary all the time, we just have to be aware of His presence in all things.  This happens through a personal relationship with the Lord.  Once you have really committed to this personal relationship, you will hear God’s voice and see God everywhere!  My kids used to get so angry when I would “Jesus-ize” a scene in a movie!  But knowing the Lord very personally has allowed me to see and hear things all around me that I use in my ministry all the time!  I have used scenes from the Mel Gibson movie “Signs” in Confirmation preparation because the scenes are so powerful to me!  The kids like it because it’s not “religious”!  But the message is there and then they get it!  It is so awesome to me, and humbling that the Lord reveals himself in these ways.  Keep your eyes and ears open and I will see you soon!