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    Divine Mercy Sunday


    We celebrated Divine Mercy Sunday last weekend.  On February 22, 1931 a young Polish nun, Sister Faustina Kowalska, saw a vision of Jesus with rays of mercy streaming from the area of his heart.  He told her to have an image painted to represent this vision and to sign it, “Jesus, I trust in you!”


    In a series of revelations, Christ taught Sister Faustina that His mercy is unlimited and available even to the greatest sinners and He revealed special ways for people to respond to His mercy.


    On the Sunday after Easter, April 30, 2000 designated as the First Universal Mercy Sunday, Pope John Paul II canonized Sister Faustina and established Divine Mercy worldwide


    The message of Divine Mercy can be called to mind simply by remembering the letters A-B-C


    Letter A in the word ASK – Ask Christ for His Mercy.  God wants us to approach Him in prayer constantly.


    Letter B in the word BE – Be merciful.  God wants us to receive His mercy and let it flow through us to others.


    Letter C in the word COMPLETELY – Completely trust in Jesus.  God wants us to know that the graces of His mercy are dependent upon our trust.


    From that summary, we have the essence of this Feast:

    A-Ask for Mercy

    B – Be Merciful

    C  Completely trust in Jesus


    There are seven elements recommended for the Feast of Divine Mercy:

    1.  Celebrate the feast with Mass on the Sunday after Easter.

    2.  Sincerely repent all of your sins.

    3.  Place your complete trust in Jesus.

    4.  Go to confession, preferably before the day of the Feast.

    5.  Receive Holy Communion on the Day of the Feast.

    6.  Venerate Jesus’ image of Divine Mercy.

    7.  Be merciful to others through your actions, words and prayers on their behalf.


    From Pope John Paul II’s homily for the canonization of Sr. Faustina Kowalski on April 30, 2000, we have these words:

    “This consoling message is addressed above all to those who, afflicted by a particularly harsh trial or crushed by weight of the sins they committed have lost all confidence in life and are tempted to give into despair.  To them the gentle face of Christ is offered.  Those rays from his heart touch them and shine upon them, warm them, show them the way and fill them with hope.  How many souls have been consoled by the prayer: “Jesus, I trust in you.” which Providence intimated through Sister Faustina!  This simple act of abandonment to Jesus dispels the thickest clouds and lets a ray of light penetrate every life.”


    The Risen Christ comes in to the Apostles even though the physical doors are locked.  This means there are no barriers to experiencing the Presence of the Risen Christ.  What is necessary is for us to unlock the doors of our hearts to Him.  Simply praying the prayer over and over again, Jesus I Trust in You” is a good way to open the doors of our hearts to His Mercy.  Then, after experiencing His mercy, we are called to be merciful to the people whom God places in our lives.


    Let us unlock the doors of our hearts to Christ and welcome Him to come inside us.  Let us unlock the doors of our hearts to others and be merciful to others as the Lord would be merciful to us.


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  • News

    • Sanctuary Guild Volunteers for April 26th thru May 9th Jackie Hejl and Elaine Smith
    • A Night at the Duck Races - May 6th Doors open at 5 pm Free Admittance, must be 21 years and older $2.00/Bet on your Favorite Duck Food, Wine, Beverages for purchase
    • Sanctuary Guild Volunteers for April 12th thru April 25th Gloria Seneff and Liz Cymanski
  • Sick & Hospitalized


    May our prayers bring healing, comfort and strength to the sick and their caregivers, remembering especially

    Mary Adams, Tim Angelone,

    Greg Basco, Gwen Beres,

    Mary Ann Betliskey, Joyce Bican,

    Phillip Bilelo, Dan Boone,

    Donna Czyzynski, Corrine Dawe,

    Jose Dybzinski, Jason Glaros, Kristin Hill, Millie Jasany, Lucy Konkoly, Tom Konkoly,

    Judy Landolph, Bishop Richard Lennon,

    Art Madsen, Dorothy Mangan,

    Regina McConnell, Therese McFadden, Rose Meadows,  Jeanette Miller, Marguerite Miller, Jeannette Morrow, Louis Novac, Art Novotny,

    Dan Palmentera, John Pocius, Betty Rhine, Brianna Rhine, Bob Schippling,

    Elaine Stack, Lynne Sempruch,

    Rev. John Tezie, Aaron Thiem,

    Andrew Turowski, Ed Vitigoj,

    Carole Walk, Ron Walk, Robert Wagner and David Zelenka.


                May our Loved Ones who have died rest in eternal peace in heaven remembering especially Allan Selva, whose funeral was last week.


                For the Men and Women serving in the military, especially those from our parish & their families.