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    We are connected to God and to One Another
    Presently, we have been blessed by the visit of Our Holy Father, Pope Francis to the United States of America.  In his joint address to Congress, Pope Francis spoke of four Americans to look at – Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Dorothy Day and Thomas Merton.  He also spoke of a dream.  Abraham Lincoln worked for unity in this country during the Civil War, he freed the slaves.  Martin Luther King worked for the rights of African Americans and practiced a theology of non-violence and peace.  Dorothy Day founded the Catholic Worker Movement.  She provided food and shelter to the hungry and the homeless.  Thomas Merton was a Trappist monk who spoke of the unity between contemplation and action.  You pray first, then what you do is the fruit of your prayer.  Today, you are here to pray; ideally your activity flows from your prayer life.
    The Pope spoke of a dream for this country.  From what I initially understand, we are called to be connected with God, with one another and with our planet.  As part of this American Dream we are called to recognize the dignity of every human person.  This includes the unborn baby, the baby that is born, the child, the teenager and the adult.  The Holy Father emphasizes taking care of the poor, the helpless, the vulnerable, the marginalized and our planet as well.  My understanding of the American Dream as articulated by the Holy Father would be that we treat everyone with respect and love.  Every person deserves respect because everyone is a child of God.  Ideally as a country and as individuals we have this truth in mind as we go about our lives.
    Also, elements of this dream would be Hope and Mercy.  We have been blessed in many ways in this country.  Hopefully, these blessings can be shared with all Americans. Whatever we have received as a country or as individuals, is meant to be shared.  This is the basic idea of Biblical Stewardship.  We recognize that all we have is a gift from God and with grateful hearts we share our gifts with one another.  His message is one of inclusion in contrast to exclusion.  Everyone deserves respect, love and help because everyone is a Child of God.
    Possibly today as we think of the Holy Father’s visit to the United States of America, all of us can focus upon deepening our connection with God in prayer and deepening our connection with others through good works of charity.  Just as the Holy Father ate with the poor and the homeless, we too are called to forge a deeper personal connection with those who are poor and homeless.
    The Holy Father created a positive atmosphere in this country during his visit with us.  Hopefully, everyone in this nation can reflect upon our connection with God and with one another, especially, the poor, the homeless, the marginalized.  Hopefully, as a nation, we can let go of what divides us and truly make this a country where there is liberty and justice for all.
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  • Sick & Hospitalized


          For those who are sick an d those who care for them, may they receive comfort and strength through our prayers, remembering especially Mary Adams, Agnes Bartoszek, John Balciar,
    Gwen Beres, Bill Bican,  Diyamol Binu,
    Mary Ann Betliskey, Bill Connors,
    Corrine Dawe, Dolores Dobransky,
    Jose Dybzinski, Stan Frankel, Kristin Hill,
    Gertrude Kocab, Lucy Konkoly,
    Madeline Koston, Judy Landolph,
    Art Madsen, Cindi Magyar,
    Marilyn O’Meara, Nikki Milton,
    Dan Palmentera, Suzanne Patton, 
    Nancy Recko, Betty Rhine, Brianna Rhine,       Elaine Stack, Dana Trzaska,  and
    Ron Walk

    May Our Loved Ones who have died rest in eternal peace in heaven.

    For the Men and Women serving in the military, especially those from our parish and their families.