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    We Are Called To Trust God on Our Journey
    33rd Sunday, November 12th & 13th

    We are called to trust God on our journey of life.  Even though we do not know all the details and possibly, though we encounter hardship, we are called to trust that eventually we will reach our destination.

    Around this time, families travel to visit loved ones for Thanksgiving.  Imagine two parents loading up the car with their two children who are ages 3 and 6.  After a short while the children start to ask:  “Are we there yet?”  This is the first of 47 times that question will be asked during this 5 hour drive.  The parents continue to respond:  “Not yet.  We are almost there.  Just a little while longer.”

    It helps little for the father to tell the children how many more miles, or how many more hours or minutes, until they arrive at grandmother’s house.  The children do not understand what 245 miles means or how long 4 hours and 35 minutes will last.  So instead, the parents simply urge their children to trust them.  The parents encourage their children to trust they are getting ever closer to their destination. 

    Eventually, the children begin to lose patience, and their buckled car seats begin to feel like prisons.  They do not understand their present suffering, or     why the trip seems to last forever.  “Are we there yet?”  They ask with greater impatience and frustration.  The horizon is hard to see from the back seat.

    We can picture ourselves as children riding in the car with our parents to grandmother’s house for Thanksgiving and continually asking:  “Are we there yet?”  It could be a good description for life.  But like the children in the car, we are called to trust that God is taking care of us even though we do not know all the details… even though there is hardship and suffering along the way.
    Jesus mentions the destruction of the temple, wars, earthquakes, plagues, famine, and persecutions.  Some of these may come our way.  But if these come or other difficult circumstances come we are called to trust that God will bring us safely home to our heavenly destination.

    We had a beautiful Bereavement Mass last weekend as we remembered the 28 people who died from November 1, 2021 to October 31, 2022.  Their families lit candles in their memory as their names were called.  As Christians, we pray and believe that they are on their way home to their heavenly destination.

    So today, picture yourself as a child in a car being driven to your heavenly destination.  You do not have all the details.  You do not have all the answers.  But you can trust that you are getting closer to your heavenly destination and God is with you every step of the way.

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  • Sick & Hospitalized

    Please remember in your  prayers those who are sick.  May they and their caregivers receive comfort and strength, remembering especially :

    Ryan Amato, Rondell Atwater,
    The Baileys Family, Freida Bailey,
    Joyce Bican, Chester Betliskey,
    Mary Ann Betliskey, April Cipo,
      James Ciesla, Donna Czyzynski,  Bobbie Deccola,
    Joseph Deccola,  Katherine Dolniar,
       Mary Florek, Shelley Forbes,
    Jim Geller, Liz Humar,  

     Marcedia Johnson, The Jorski Family,  Patti Kicielinski,   Sharon Krzynowek,  Stanley  Loszak, Stefania Loszak,
      Grant Kaurich,   Barbie Laboy,
    Amy Latawiec,  Richard Leonard,
    Jared Magyar,  Ann Marie Medve, Jeanette Miller, Marguerite Miller,
    Lauren Minnillo,
      Keenan Montgomery,
    Joe Morrish, Dorothy Morchak,
    Donna Murrin,

     Dorsel Nicholas,Diane Nicholas,
      Louis Novak,Art Novotny,
    Joe Oravec, Lois Pupkiewicz

    Eleanor Peshek,  Angie Rasch,
     Amber Rasch, Patricia Rhine,
    Joel Rivera, Colleen Schmerick,
    Bob Seneff  Jr., Carolyn Seneff,
    Karen Seneff, Norman Seneff,
     Tony Seneff, Earl Sheets,
    Gabe Siorille, Josephine Sindelar,
      Eileen Skiba,James Slechta,
     Margaret Slechta,
     Nancy Slusarczyk,

      Russ Smith, Kellie Span,
    Elaine Stack, Robert Stack,
    Marilyn Siwek, Iren Sundstrom,
    Eugenia Vainberg, Kelly Wakols Betty Wilson,  
    Greg Wisniewski, Melanie Womble
    and Carl Zelenskas.



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